Hey hey UC!

My name is Olivia and I’m the Women’s Officer of the UCSA.

My job is to provide a contact for women on campus. I cover everything from Childcare facilities for both Mothers and Fathers on our campus, to combating and preventing sexist language and sexual harassment on our campus.

I also run the UCSA Women’s Collective, I have strong correspondence with local and global Women’s organisations and there are many opportunities that I can offer you- from scholarships to tickets to great events.

As a young woman I am very passionate about Women’s rights and the changing status of women in our society, and I will be working hard to ensure gender equality on our campus. I know that there are many other individuals out there on our campus, both male and female, who also feel strongly about gender equality. I want your voice to be heard too, come to me with your ideas, your issues and your demands, I will do everything in my power to help you.

You will be hearing from me quite a bit, you’ll see posters around campus, you’ll see me at market days, at local campaigns and perhaps campus campaigns. Join the UCSA women’s collective, receive and awesome shirt and be afforded the opportunity to attend some great events.

I implore you to send me a text, an email, call me or approach me. It is my job to be your contact on campus and to address, fight for and inspire gender equality for us all, and to help make your time here comfortable and enjoyable.

Olivia Turner – Women’s Officer

0434 217 993


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