In 2014, the University of Canberra’s student-written magazine, Curio, will be managed and edited by Andrew Nardi and Jeremy Stevens.

The purpose of Curio has always been to celebrate and propagate the achievements of our university’s student body, to inform our readers with student-oriented opinion and items of interest, and to provide writers, designers, illustrators and photographers with an opportunity to practice their hobby or profession in a comfortable student setting. In 2014, we will be staying true to these goals when an overhauled magazine launches during orientation week in February.

If you have a personal interest in chasing stories, writing political or general opinion, fashion, sport, or technology features, or you enjoy constructing film, music, or video game reviews, or you might even just find great pleasure in writing hilarious pieces about nothing in particular – we would be happy to see your work, and even give you a regular column. Likewise, if your passion lies in photographing music gigs, designing posters, or putting together trendy illustrations, Curio exists so that you can give your talents some well-deserved exposure amongst UC’s staff, students and the rest of the ACT.

You might even be a practicing artist – are you in a band? Are you a solo singer-songwriter? Maybe you’re a cartoonist, digital artist, DJ, producer or filmmaker? Talk to us about putting together an artist profile and featuring your work in Curio, or even writing your own piece about your art, profession and industry.

If you’re interested in any of the above, sling us an email via one of the links below. We welcome anyone with a passion!

Above all else, both of us aim to put together a revered magazine that you will want to pick up, read and keep on your bookshelf. After all, you deserve to be proud of UC!

Andrew Nardi – Media Officer

0488 408 742

Jeremy Stevens – Curio Editor

0432 573 051

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