The Office Nerds

Jacob White – President of the University of Canberra Students’ Association

Jacob is one of the most energetic, enthusiastic and efficacious people living in Canberra. Being the President of this Association for 2014, he will ensure that the sincerest of our goals – to represent the rights of students – will be respectfully and honourably upheld in the highest regard. Jacob has been so busy in fact, that he hasn’t had time to write up his about me so his General Secretary has just done this little rant. We got his picture though!

Mobile: 0424 146 503
Telephone: 6201 2000

Philip Moy – General Secretary

Hi! My name is Philip Moy and in 2014 I will be a second year student studying a Bachelor of Science in Psychology/Bachelor of Arts majoring in Counselling and Justice Studies. Firstly I would just like to mention how humbled I am by the UCSA Committee in electing me to be the General Secretary for 2014. I will be honest and say that I was quite overwhelmed when I first stepped into the role however I feel I am now on top of the responsibilities and am looking forward to the future challenges that lay ahead.

Unlike the rest of my peers on this website, I am much more of a background officer and am proud to admit so. You see, the students you see gathered before you on this website are no ordinary party-going, carefree cool-cats, but are instead hardworking, responsible, determined advocates who believe just as much as any political leader or freedom fighter that there are certain rights that should be afforded to students of 2014.

My role as General Secretary is to ensure that I assist all of the Office Bearers in finding out information, recording minutes, gaining membership, regulating policy and assisting the President in making financial decisions that best suit the needs of students and enable Office Bearers to fight effectively for student rights.

On this basis I would like to declare that the General Secretary for 2014 will be a much more transparent, and I hope known student on campus that you can come to if you are seeking some sort of guidance or just want to have a chat to. I will ensure that I am accountable to the students I serve and nobody else. Please let me know if I am not doing this effectively.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in the New Year.
Sincerely, Philip Moy
General Secretary of the UCSA, 2014.

Mobile: 0424 146 507

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